Relocation and Outplacement

Thinking People, certified as Relocation Agency No. 9900000181.

Thinking People offers its Relocation and Outplacement service, with the aim of helping to relocate and outplace workers who have been absent from work, providing them with methods of looking for work, advising them on their job searches and helping them participate in recruitment processes and offering them psychological support to cope effectively with the challenge of relocation.

This service is intended for managers, as well as all other employees.

The aims of the Relocation and Outplacement service are:

To identify strong points, area of improvement and employability opportunities for workers, using this analysis as the basis of an individual action plan.

To develop workers’ proactivity in their job search, providing techniques that enable them to move on from a reactive search based on responding to job adverts to a more proactive approach identifying opportunities and making the most of them with prospective actions and networking activities.

To advise workers with regards their selection processes, showing them how to create their curriculum vitae and preparing them for interviews with companies and consultants.
To analyse with workers the actions they have completed, learning from any incorrect decisions or actions and updating their individual action plans to adjust them according to the current market and the realistic options of the candidate.

To research the market, in terms of companies as well as job offers, and to undertake presentation actions for the candidates, as well as keeping these workers in mind as candidates in future Recruitment Processes managed by Thinking People.

Contents and scope of the Relocation and Outplacement service

The scope of the service covers the development of an outplacement or relocation programme from the personal and professional analysis of the workers, to their relocation and their face-to-face guidance and subsequent support and monitoring. The programme lasts for approximately three to six months.

In general, the development of the service includes the following stages, although the service is tailored to suit the client’s needs:

  1. Preparation:Compiling information from the Company Management, in order to establish the essential key points of the adjustment process and the workers’ profiles. Logistic organisation.
  2. Training in Job Search Techniques and Job Interview Skills:via training sessions, the principal job search techniques will be presented taking a proactive approach adapted to suit the profile of the workers to be relocated. The sessions will focus on using job search engines, producing a curriculum vitae, interpreting job adverts, direct prospecting and self-nomination, networking methodology, interview role play and process monitoring.
  3. Psychometric assessment of each worker using the MPA (Master Person Analysis) tool and individual interviews:After completing the MPA skills test and producing a CV, personal interviews will be carried out with each of the workers, in order to:
  • get to know their professional profile
  • understand their personal circumstances and expectations
  • assess their strong points and weaknesses with them
  • identify their short-medium term employability opportunities and to develop a job search action plan for the next few months.


  1. Prospecting and Individual Monitoring Actions:Once the profile analysis and training stage has been completed, a personal communication line will be established, via mail and telephone, so the workers will be kept up to date with all the possibilities of potentially employing companies and job vacancies that may be of interest to them, and this also gives them the chance to keep checking the offers and processes with the consultants. So that this phase is really effective, intensive prospection will be carried out concerning all types of companies, mainly in the indicated area. Each worker will be assigned their own personal Consultant. With regards this point we must emphasise our high level of expertise, based on our extensive experience and history as HR Consultants and our work in Personnel Recruitment, as well as our knowledge of the skills that employers look for, and our ability to pass on these skill sets to the professionals involved in each process, along with our in-depth knowledge of the business fabric of Aragon. And, importantly, we also have offices in the rest of Spain, so when required, the process can be carried out on a national level.
  1. Final Group Meeting:At the end of the monitoring period, those workers who have not yet managed to find a new job may, if they choose, take part in a group meeting to bolster their search process, correct any errors, provide some pointers, explore new search possibilities, self-employment, etc….

You can request further information by telephoning 976 483 575 or by writing the following email address:

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